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Fall FiberArts Fest 2023

Join us on the Camas Prairie!





September 16th & 17th, 2023


Register and pay for your classes from this website by going to

Store/Registration/Classes & Workshops. 

Lunch is also available and can be paid for online. Thank you! 


Lunches are served buffet style both days at noon. Gluten free and vegetarian options available. $10



8:30am-5pm - How to Take Control of a Dirty Fleece

Instructor: Cathy Dye

This is a popular two-part class - Fiber Prep & Drop Spindle (see below). Each can be taken separately (i.e. you do not have to take the Fiber Prep to take the Drop Spindle and vice versa). Should you choose to take the all day class, you will learn the skills necessary to take a raw fleece right off the animal (whether alpaca, wool, etc.) and take the necessary steps to turn that fiber into yarn. We will discuss washing, combing, and carding in the morning to get the fiber to a state that is ready to spin. Then we will spin on a drop spindle in the afternoon. You will go home with your own drop spindle and more alpaca fiber to keep practicing your new skills!

Bring your hand carders and combs if you have them. Raw fiber & spindle provided. Cost: $90

8:30am-12pm - Fiber Prep

Instructor: Cathy Dye

 Register for this class if you do not wish to take the drop spindle in the afternoon (otherwise register for 'How to Take Control of a Dirty Fleece' - all day class). Fiber Prep will take you through all the necessary steps - washing, combing, carding - to prepare your fiber for spinning, felting, or whatever your project entails. This is an excellent class to get you confident in working with that bag of raw fleece just waiting for processing!

Bring your combs and hand carders if you have them. Raw fiber provided. Cost: $45

1-5pm - Beginning Drop Spindle

Instructor: Cathy Dye

This is the second half of How to Take Control of a Dirty Fleece. Register for this class if you only wish to take the drop spindle portionLearn the time-honored skill of spinning and plying prepared fiber into yarn using a simple wooden drop spindle. Bring a niddy-noddy if you have one (they will also be available for purchase).

All materials provided (bring a niddy-noddy if possible). Cost: $55



8:30am-12pm - Beginning Knitting

Instructor: Sue Marchese

Learn and enhance your skills on the basics of knitting - casting on and off, knit and pearl - and you'll be on your way to enjoying a popular fiber arts skill.  Start a simple project in class and finish it beautifully with knowledge and skill.  No experience necessary. 

Scrap yarn & lender needles available (or bring your own)

All materials provided.   Cost: $40


1-5pm - Triangle Shawl - Intermediate

Instructor: Sue Marchese

This is an intermediate class (basic skills required) but is basic enough to take directly after the beginning class if desired. Triangle shawls are a beautiful way to add a little warmth to an autumn evening. Sue will guide you through the process to knit your very own shawl using alpaca yarn. Start the day with the beginner class for a refresher and finish a fun filled day with an afternoon of polishing your newly learned skills!

Bring yarn & needles or purchase some at the ranch store (materials not provided):  Cost: $40



9:30am-12pm - Introduction to Needle Felting

Instructor: Lauren Graves

In this beginner-friendly needle felting class, you'll learn the basics of dry 3D felting while making your own adorable alpaca!  Needle felting is an art form that turns fluffy carded wool and wool roving into any shape, but it is most commonly used to make animals.  Lauren Graves has turned needle felting into a small business and sells her creations at fairs.  In this class, you'll learn how felting needles work, how to make basic shapes, how to attach shapes, and how to do a yarn coat effect.  (For kids or those who don't want to do the yarn effect, we will have carded wool to use to finish your alpaca.)  Join us and dive into the world of needle felting!
Included in this class:
1 needle felting mat
3 felting needles
Leather finger guards
Core wool
Carded wool
Wool yarn (optional, for coat effect)

Ages 12+
All materials are provided, you can bring your own carded wool, wool roving, or yarn if you want. (Yarn must be at least 30% wool). Cost: $45




10am-12pm - Beginning Crochet

instructor: Kari Kopach

Always wanted to learn to crochet? This class is for you. Start from the beginning with all the basics. One of her favorite relaxing activities, Kari has been crocheting for years and is excited to help you get started with your own passion for this classic and useful skill.

All materials provided. Cost $35


10am-4pm - Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Instructor: Carol Vernay

A wonderful way to learn how to weave, this class will teach you all the basics. The cost includes the rental of a 10" or 15" cricket loom, which is an excellent little portable rigid heddle loom for all sorts of projects and still one of our favorites! The cricket loom will also be available for purchase at $50 off the normal price for those taking the class.

All materials provided. Cost: $75

Cost of 10" cricket loom discounted for this class only: $160

Cost of 15" cricket loom discounted for this class only: $190

*If you already know that you would like to purchase a loom, please contact us and we will have it all set up for you.


10am-3pm - Open Spinning Workshop

Instructor: Cathy Dye

Expand your skill and creativity with your wheel or spindle! Cathy has offered once again to be available to help you with any struggles you may be having with your spinning projects. Bring them during this time and jump over those hurdles, moving one step closer toward expertise and completed projects! Basic skills required.

Bring your spinning wheel or spindle, bulky plying head and bobbin, and fiber/wool. 

Cost: $5 (fiber/yarn kits available for $15)


  Spinning Knit



10:00 - 3:00

Alpaca Boutique Open


 8:30-noon Fiber Prep

1-5 Drop Spindle

 8:30 to noon

Begin Knitting


Triangle Shawl


Learn to

Needle Felt

9:30 to noon




10:00 - 3:00

Alpaca Boutique Open


10 to 3 Open Spinning Circle


   10:00 to 4:00

Cricket Loom

 10 to noon

Beginning Crochet




Saturday, August 26, 2023