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FFAF class - Intro to Needle Felting

Saturday, Sept 16, 9:30am - 12pm
Introduction to Needle Felting
Saturday, Sept 16, 9:30am to 12pm
Instructor: Lauren Graves
Cost: $45 per person
Ages 12+
All materials are provided, you can bring your own carded wool, wool roving, or yarn if you want. (Yarn must be at least 30% wool)

In this beginner-friendly needle felting class, you'll learn the basics of dry 3D felting while making your own adorable alpaca! Needle felting is an art form that turns fluffy carded wool and wool roving into any shape, but it is most commonly used to make animals. Lauren Graves has turned needle felting into a small business, and sells her creations at fairs. In this class, you'll learn how felting needles work, how to make basic shapes, how to attach shapes, and how to do a yarn coat effect. (For kids or those who don't want to do the yarn effect, we will have carded wool to use to finish your alpaca.) Join us and dive into the world of needle felting!
Included in this class:
1 needle felting mat
3 felting needles
Leather finger guards
Core wool
Carded wool
Wool yarn (optional, for coat effect)

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